Jack Arpey, Spectrum News, April 30, 2024

"The bump is an increase for this year, meanwhile Senator Rachel May has introduced legislation that would redo the AIM formula for a more long term solution."


Fingerlakes.com, May 17, 2024

"In response to Wells College’s closure announcement, State Senator Rachel May introduced Senate Bill S9391 to establish rules for colleges and universities planning to close. The proposed legislation aims to ensure a smooth transition for students, faculty, and staff, while mitigating the negative impact on local communities."


Kate Lisa, Spectrum News, May 16,  2024

"We put an awful lot of effort to try to get the budget right, but if we don't know where the money's going, if we don't know if it's going to have the impact we want it to have, then what are we even doing here?" said May, a Democrat from Syracuse.

Syracuse.com, May 17, 2024

Legislation proposed in Albany by state Sen. Rachel May and Assemblyman William Magnarelli, both D-Syracuse, would expand the authority’s 13-member board to 17...

“We need a diversity of experience on the board,” [May] said. “We need people with business experience and development experience.” [She also] said any member who cannot make the board’s meetings should ask to be replaced. “This is kind of a fire alarm going off, and they’ve got to step up."