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Central New York has a proud history of leading progressive movements like the abolition of slavery, securing women's right to vote, and standing for environmental justice. We should be leading again in this era of chaotic, heartless policies coming out of Washington. We deserve a New York State Senate that protects New Yorkers with health care for all, fair and open elections, full funding for public schools, and strong defense of human rights and environmental protection.

Democracy is under threat not only in Washington, DC, but in Albany as well. We have fought hard against the "Independent Democratic Conference" that refused for years to support the Democrats in the NY State Senate. The good news: WE WON, and the IDC just announced it was disbanding. The bad news: even this announcement was a cynical ploy to stave off primary challenges like mine, after the damage was done by keeping the GOP in charge of writing the state budget for one more year. I am running for State Senate in the 53rd Senate District to be a true champion for Democratic priorities and for a democracy that isn't about cutting back-room deals, but about respecting the voters and the democratic process.

NEW: I am proud to have gained the endorsement of the Town of Kirkland Democratic Committee, the WORKING FAMILIES PARTY, VOICES OF WOMEN CNY, the TRUE BLUE NY GRASSROOTS COALITION, and VOTEPROCHOICE, and to have been named a 2018 CHAMPION by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.


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