Meet Rachel

I was elected in 2018 to the NY State Senate from the 53rd Senate District to be a champion for progressive priorities and for the democratic process.

I am proud to say that the Democratic Senate Majority has been living up to that promise. In the 2019 legislative session we stood up for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, tenants’ rights, and immigrant rights. We transformed New York’s election laws from some of the worst in the country to some of the best. We enacted a number of laws to affirm and enhance the “justice” in the criminal justice system and to place a premium on ethics in elections and in the workplace.

I am also working to make state government more responsive to the people, by holding hearings and roundtables in the district on many important issues and insisting on greater transparency in government operations. Your voice – and your support – mean a great deal to me!


The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act; RHA; CCCA; Early Voting; A ban on campaign contributions from LLCs; GENDA; the Child Victims Act; Green Light; and more.

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